Our Favourite Vanuatu Tours & Cruises

23rd August 2018

Coral Reef Spa

Discover Vanuatu with P&O
Spend 10 nights in paradise on board the breathtaking P&O Pacific Explorer. Departing from sunny Sydney, spend two days at sea before arriving in French influenced Noumea. Try remarkable local cuisine and take in the stunning bays and lagoons before cruising to enigmatic Mystery Island. Spend a day on its pristine shores and prepare yourself for Vila, the adventure capital of the Pacific. Get to know Melanesian culture as you discover jaw dropping waterfalls and nauseating abseiling opportunities. Visit the warm waters of Lifou and lush landscapes of the Isle of Pines.

Explore the village of Ekasup
Under the expert direction of local guides, get to know the rich and complex culture of the Malanesian people who have lived in tropical Vanuatu for centuries. Visit the village of Ekasup after being welcomed at the village entrance by the Chief and authentic ceremony. Learn about the traditional lifestyles of the village ancestors as you gain insight into the medicinal herbs used, how to set hunting traps, weave maps and preserve and serve food.

Fly over an active volcano
Fly across stunning island landscapes as you depart Post Vila and cruise over the northern islands of Epi, Paama, Makura and Cooks Reef. Admire the skill of your pilot as the helicopter is landed on the crater rim of the active volcano Ambrym in the heart of Ambrym Island. Safely harnessed to a secure anchor, peer into the 400m caldera beneath your toes. This 3 hour adventure is an experience shore to stick with you for life.

Cruise Mele Bay at sunset
Onboard Caraid, cruise the picturesque waters of Mele Bay off the shores of Efate Island. Enjoy craft beer, local wine and beautiful cheese platters as you take in the extraordinary scenes before your eyes. Perfect for couples and families seeking a tropical escape.