Whether the Weather in Vanuatu

2nd May 2014

VTO - Sunset

If you're considering a holiday to Vanuatu, then now is the time! Although Vanuatu is beautiful to visit year round, now is the perfect time to enjoy the mild temperatures and lower rainfall of Vanuatu weather. Famous for its stunning sub-tropical climate, Vanuatu enjoys an almost endless amount of sunshine with mild temperatures and clear blue skies being almost a permanent fixture on the island. In fact, there are actually only a few months out of the whole entire year when the climate is characterised by cooler, drier conditions.

Summer in Vanuatu occurs from November to March and temperatures generally reach an average of about 28°C. Although the months during summer are most often hot and humid, the sea breezes do a fantastic job of keeping the island fairly well cooled. Winter, if you could call it that, ranges from April to September, however temperatures are still a rather pleasant average of 23°C. There's also little variation in water temperature, meaning you can still enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters no matter when you're visiting.

December to April are the warmer and more humid months in Vanuatu, with the island receiving most of its rainfall. Known as the wet season, the weather is hot and humid and the island experiences its highest rainfall each month. In the northern islands, rainfall averages anywhere from 2 to 4 m annually. This is also the perfect conditions for the tropical cyclone season, which sees storms forming over parts of the island. The good news for you is that the majority of the resorts are situated in the south, where there is less rainfall, lower humidity and therefore a much lower chance of extreme climate conditions or extreme weather.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Vanuatu where the weather is fine!