What To Do in Vanuatu

2nd March 2016

What To Do Vanuatu

While you wouldn't necessarily think that Vanuatu is at the forefront of technology development, this week techies and tourists had their heads turned by brand new technology home grown in Vanuatu, designed to make visitor information easier to manage for both tourists and business owners.

Giants of the touchscreen world, What To Do has rolled out information kiosks in hotels and resorts around Port Vila thanks to Vanuatu Media Marketing Limited (VMM). Containing a variety of information resources for tourists, the touchscreens offer essential travel information as well as info on dining, shopping, activities and tours. Integrating maps, multimedia and online booking, the interactive and engaging kiosk delivers information through a multi-touch display.

An offshoot of the company's long-established print publication What To Do, it's also the Vanuatu Tourism Office's official tourist publication. Using these comprehensive listings, VMM can provide compelling information and resources for visitors in a very updated and proactive way. Of course the kiosks will be used to showcase some rather powerful and attractive tourism advertising, however they're more than just an ad platform. The terminals serve as 24 concierge service as well as instant online booking, reducing staff costs and improving response times to provide excellent in service delivery, something that matters now more than ever.

VMM has been growing in recent months from far more than just a newspaper. The media company now boasts large LED screen billboards all around town, bringing Vanuatu into the 21st century. From the print publications to radio, online offerings and even Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) at Bauerfield Airport, there is now a huge platform for getting the message out. These new medias are just the beginning of the digital network in Vanuatu, with more slated to appear on Santo. However launching the touch screen information kiosks has been a huge step in the right direction when it comes to helping visitors find What To Do in Vanuatu.