A Very Vanuatu Christmas

24th December 2015

Christmas beach

Vanuatu is a popular holiday destination over Christmas, particularly with those who prefer to leave the shopping centres and mad holiday rush behind. However, that doesn't mean that they don't want to celebrate Christmas and many wonder whether Christmas is even celebrated in Vanuatu. Never fear, gather round kiddies and we'll tell you all about how Christmas is celebrated in Vanuatu.

You may be surprised to learn that the Ni-Van people follow the Christian calendar, however the good news is that they especially love celebrating the traditions of Christmas as well as New Year's, or Bonane as it is known to them. Just like the rest of the world, the Vanuatu people celebrate the festive season by coming home to their villages and forming choirs where they perform spectacular secular and religious songs for neighbouring villages.

Of course unlike those in the Northern Hemisphere there is to be no rugging up against the cold, no roasting chestnuts on an open fire and no white Christmas in Vanuatu. The people of Vanuatu prepare for a tropical Christmas and the closest they'll get to white snow cover on the ground are the snow white sand beaches. However this is a unique way to experience this wonderful time of year and the South Pacific really turns on its charm for Christmas.

Christmas in Vanuatu must be experienced at least once in your lifetime and although the warmer conditions may feel a little odd to those who are used to celebrating the holidays in a cooler climate, the unique experience of Christmas in summer in Vanuatu means swapping your usual yuletide roast turkey or baked ham for delicious cold meats, incredible fresh seafood and crisp salads.

Aside from all the more traditional religious celebrations, there are a fantastic range of festivities on offer for all the tourists who wish to spend Christmas in Vanuatu. The streets and shops are decked in their best Christmas decorations and at night, the streets come alive with the glow of fairy lights. One thing many tourists find rather amusing is the traditional image of Santa Clause, complete with falling snowflakes, fur-lined red suit and hatted elves is everywhere in Vanuatu - despite its distinct lack of snow and chilly temperatures.

However one of the most enjoyable things about celebrating Christmas in Vanuatu is the ability to be included in the festivities whichever way you choose. If you want to kick back and enjoy a beach picnic while the kids cool off in the water you're more than welcome. If you'd prefer to go all out and have a full European lunch complete with paper crowns, bon bons, roast meat, gravy and all the trimmings then go ahead.

As some of the friendliest people in the world, the locals of Vanuatu are just happy to celebrate with you. So whether you want to visit over the silly season or holiday here at any time of year, we've got you covered with your own customised holiday package.

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