Vanuatu: Your Next Adventure Holiday

3rd May 2018

Horse Riding

Boasting golden beaches and azure blue waters, Vanuatu is truly an island paradise. However there's much more to this Pacific nation than many holidaymakers may first realise. Teeming with pristine jungle and native wildlife, Vanuatu is an adventurer's nirvana. Read on for the best of the islands intrepid experiences!


Abundant with jungle trails and astounding summits, Vanuatu is an ideal destination for fans of a good trek. Many of the walks will you take you through local villages, along stunning coastlines and across rivers and headlands. Some walks will be more challenging than others, guides are also recommended for a number of the less travelled tracks. However you choose to explore the island, walkers are guaranteed Vanuatu's unique blend of Pacific views, lush wildlife and welcoming locals.


Slip under Vanuatu's crystal waters and you'll encounter myriad tropical fish among the dazzling coral and shipwrecks the line the islands shores. Whether you're a beginner or more experienced scuba diver, tours cater to all levels and desires. The island also offers excellent snorkelling opportunities along the shallow reefs.


Fishing fans will find themselves in a kind of watery heaven upon getting out into Vanuatu's seas. Drive out to remote waters for deep sea fishing or speak with a guide about seeking out the islands best secret fishing spots. Copious numbers of mahi mahi, tuna and marlin swim these waters, just book your next flight across and hop on a boat – the perfect salty adventure.

Scenic Flights

Glide over lush islands, expansive beaches and magnificent volcanoes. From the sky, Vanuatu is a whole other place; an experience unlike any other. Land on a private beach for a secluded picnic or just enjoy the panoramic views from above as you fly over uninhabitable territories and colourful villages; this is an adventure for the history books.