Vanuatu With Kids: A Holiday To Remember

27th June 2018

Vanuatu Jetboat Experience

Take your family on a holiday they won’t forget in a hurry with some of these thrilling Vanuatu tours and experiences. Carefully curated to entertain kids and parents, find yourself swinging through lush jungle, swimming in cool waterholes and cruising up close to active volcanoes in a jam-packed holiday of adventure and discovery.

Mele Cascades

Picked up from your hotel in the early morning, travel along local roads through Mele village and to the base of the spectacular Mele Cascade falls. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll climb the steep (but accessible) track up to the top of the falls where gushing waters and clear pools await. With plenty of time dedicated to swimming and a short nap atop the rocks, you’ll be guided back down to the picnic areas where fresh fruits and refreshments are provided.

Jungle Zipline

Swing through the treetops in this exhilarating ‘Tarzan-esque’ experience. Gaining a unique perspective of Vanuatu’s lush jungles, guests wear a secure harness as they glide from platform to platform along a sturdy wire rope. As you adjust to the heights, you’ll also encounter unparalleled panoramas across the Vanuatu islands and Mele Bay. All kids from 8 years old are welcome on this sensational experience.

Jetboat Experience

Speed across Vanuatu’s turquoise waters, spinning into 360 degree turns and rapid take-offs. One for the adrenalin-junkies, this 25-minute rush upon the Tropic Thunder Jetboat will almost certainly be a trip highlight.

Helicopter Active Volcano Experience

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is not one to pass up. From the cockpit of a Vanuatu Helicopter, this 2.5 – 3 hour adventure swings you over Port Villa and across islands like Makura, Paama, Cooks Reefs and Epi. This is when the adventure begins. Land upon the crater rim of active volcano Ambrym and take the opportunity to disembark and peer over the edge, down 400m to the bubbling caldera below. This exceptional experience will feel almost surreal, something that is not to be missed.