Vanuatu WiFi In The Sky

20th January 2016

Air Vanuatu

Established in 1987, for the last 25 odd years Air Vanuatu has been providing friendly air travel to Australia and New Zealand. Delivering passengers safely is of course its top priority, however the airline also recognises how important comfort is to its passengers. Constantly re-inventing itself to offer its passengers more for less, Air Vanuatu is proud to introduce the latest addition to its inflight entertainment service - wireless streaming.

Air Vanuatu operates direct flights out of Australia taking between 3 hours and 5 hours, arriving at Bauerfield International Airport, just 10 minutes from Port Vila. Flights depart Sydney 6 days a week taking approximately 4 hours while flights from Brisbane operate 3 days a week and take just 3 hours. For travellers departing Melbourne, flights take 5 hours and operate just once a week.

Passengers on these flights to Vanuatu will enjoy access to a selection of inflight entertainment streamed via WiFi direct to your device from February 2016. The latest collection of favourites available for streaming include 24 TV shows and a number of special documentaries on Vanuatu to get you into island time before you arrive. There will also be 6 radio shows to choose from which will feature classic rock, the latest pop hits, local performers as well as something for the kids.

Air Vanuatu passengers are treated to the iconic warmth and friendliness of the Melanesian people as soon as they board the aircraft. The Ni-Vanuatu cabin crew will dazzle you with their friendly Pacific smiles and the full service economy class experience offers everything from inflight entertainment and meals to bar service. The perfect way to begin your visit to the beautiful Vanuatu islands, sit back, relax and be entertained as you fly into this island paradise.

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