Vanuatu: What Lies Beneath

20th January 2015

Scuba Diving

There are many treasures to behold in Vanuatu, not least of which are the stunning beaches, friendly locals and equally stunning resorts where you can spend time relaxing. However if you're up for a little adventure on your holiday or simply want to explore the crystal clear waters on a more up close and personal level, Vanuatu offers some absolutely fantastic diving.

Unlock the secrets of the deep thanks to many of Vanuatu's popular dive sites being located within 30 minutes of Port Vila. There are a number of quality dive operators available in Vanuatu and the world class scuba diving here is suitable for both novice and experienced divers. Vanuatu diving offers everything from colourful coral reefs to wreck dives, offering an insight into the mysteries that lie beneath.

Home to one of the most sought after dives in the world, Vanuatu's President Coolidge is located off the island of Espirtu Santo, although it is only recommended for experienced divers who have plenty of time to explore. However, there are plenty of other excellent dive sites for all skill levels including the bombora formations of the Twin Bombies, Fila Island Reef, Mele Reef, the Cathedral, Ollies Lolly, Star of Russia and the Tukutuku Caverns.

Cathedral is a favourite for the unusual effects created by shafts of light off the Pango peninsula. At 26m the vast cavern offers a delightful dive including a 'chimney' you can swim up leading to a large pool on the reef's surface. You'll find your perfect photo opportunities at Ollies Lolly near Hideaway Island where heaps of small and large fish, a large bommie and a range of hard and soft corals start at 9m. Meanwhile, the Star of Russia rests in Port Vila Harbour and offers a fantastic wreck dive in this grand old lady of a sailing ship. There is plenty to see and explore with the ship's body, masts, bow, wheel, rudder and anchor machinery all still remaining.