Vanuatu is a Foodie’s Paradise

30th August 2017

Fresh Seafood

While Vanuatu is most famous for its spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches and capacious coconut forests, very few visitors understand just good the food is here. In fact, Vanuatu holidays are an absolute paradise for foodies. While some may expect fairly basic fare from the island nation, it’s clear that the produce being fresh and organic is just the beginning of a foodie’s delight. It’s not just that the food is cultivated on the island or that it has been freshly harvested that morning, it’s also in the preparation and the locals know how to take quality and flavour to the next level. Despite being a Pacific island, Vanuatu has a surprisingly multinational history, particularly in the capital of Port Vila. The result is a phenomenal fusion of food with Asian, Polynesian, Melanesian and French flair.

Fresh Fruit

Unsurprisingly the fruit in Vanuatu is as fresh as it gets, but don’t just expect your average fruit bowl of apples and bananas. The tropical fruits on offer in Vanuatu range from rosy grapefruits and juicy papaya to sweet passionfruit, rockmelons and coconut straight from the tree, all hand-picked from local gardens. Wash it all down with hydrating young coconut water or a freshly blended daiquiri at happy hour and you can’t go wrong.

Thai Classics

With so much on offer it can be hard to make up your mind, but when you’re having trouble deciding you simply can’t go wrong with Thai food and the Thai here will no doubt rival your favourite restaurant back home. When it comes to classic Thai you can’t go past chicken pad thai, particularly for kids or fussy eaters. If you like a bit of spice, the coconut red curry will have your tastebuds in raptures. The best part is the prawns and calamari which form the protein base of the dish are fresh and local but for a fraction of the price considering the quality.

Must Try Meat

Vanuatu beef is regarded as some of the best in the world, which is a pretty big call. You may be sceptical, but it won’t take long for meat eaters to attest to the flavour and quality of Vanuatu beef. Aussies love their beef, and our cattle have a pretty great reputation of their own, but the big difference when it comes to Vanuatu beef are the farming standards. Vanuatu cattle are raised on Tanna Island and the farming standards are very high and heavily regulated. Word has it that, just like the herds of tourists that visit Vanuatu, the cattle are given regular massages which is what tenderises the meat.

The Pastries

The remains of the French influence on Vanuatu is perhaps most strongly exemplified in the fantastic French cuisine found on the island. The pastries in particular are phenomenal. The fresh croissants in Vanuatu are said to rival those in France and many visitors agree that whether plain or chocolate, they rival some of the best they tried in Paris. That’s some high praise, so expect them to become a staple of your breakfast. Similarly, desserts are made with the same quality, flavour and precision of a Parisian patisserie but with a delightful tropical island twist.