Today Show’s Steve Jacobs on Why His Family Moved to Vanuatu

27th September 2017


TV presenter couple Steve and Rose Jacobs recently decided to do away with their hectic lifestyle in Australia in place a more relaxed lifestyle and location. More than just a ‘sea change’ the couple decided to cross the South Pacific for the pristine beaches of Vanuatu in what they have dubbed a ‘palm tree change’.

It seems many Aussies are dreaming of a sea change, with a genuine desire for city slickers to swap the fast pace for life in the slow lane somewhere safer, slower, warmer and more wholesome. Perhaps it’s because modern life is such a departure from the childhoods we so fondly remember or perhaps it’s just the dreaded idea of raising children in the current, complicated climate. For the Jacobs family, it was both.

Having holidayed in Vanuatu for the last 8 years, Steve and Rose enjoyed the magical way island life helped them to reconnect and made their two daughters come alive. Considering they both work as travelling TV presenters and spend so much time away from home, the idea of settling in Vanuatu was appealing. Although they considered a number of Australian destinations for their change of scenery, the family decided that Vanuatu offered a more unique experience.

Jacobs loves the fragrant native flowers, warmth of the Pacific sun, swaying palms and Old French Colonial influences of Vanuatu. Another big attraction for the family was of course the stunning natural environment where coral reefs and impossibly blue waters have become their backyard. They have also embraced nature by growing their own herb and vegetable gardens. When they’re not at work or the international school, they spend their time on other extracurricular activities like horse riding, climbing trees, taking French lessons and collecting hermit crabs.

Although the transition had a couple of hiccups, most notably a bout of Dengue Fever and difficulty in registering their car, the family were pleased to discover that rather than become stressed or aggravated about the situation, they have fully embraced the ‘island time’ attitude and have been surprisingly chilled out about any issues. The road signs advising motorists to slow down are the perfect reminder of why the Jacobs family moved to Vanuatu in the first place.