6 Reasons Vanuatu Should Top Your Bucket List

11th July 2018

Vanuatu - Blue Hole

1. Explore Reefs And Wrecks
Arrive in Vanuatu and head straight to the waterfront. Dive beneath the waves for a remarkable, unique perspective of this tropical archipelago and experience the warm and translucent pacific waters. Swathed in tropical fish and colourful marine life, investigate the ferry, yacht and shipwrecks dotted around the islands and ready yourself for a new addiction.

2. Support A Burgeoning Handicraft Sector
Thanks to recent government funding and a re-surging appreciation for Vanuatu’s traditional crafts, the country’s handicraft sector is more accessible than ever. Buy directly from the maker, support the local economy and receive products that are genuinely one-of-a-kind – these are the holiday moments that become memories.

3. Wed In Paradise
There is nowhere quite like a deserted beach, gentle sun and swaying palms to set the scene for a ceremony that oozes romance. Bring your wedding party to paradise and ensure that its your nuptials that will be talked about for years to come.

4. Swim In Remarkable Blue Pools
Formed from the underground streams which broke ground and became deep springs, Santo’s iridescent blue pools are an absolute must-visit on any Vanuatu holiday. Gin-clear freshwater cools your body in a way that can only be described as healing; make the Santo Blue Holes a priority.

5. Climb An Active Volcano
One of the world’s most accessible volcanoes, climbing the active Yasur Volcano is a very manageable goal. Following a guided 4WD drive through lush jungle, a 10-minute walk up the volcano allows you the unique opportunity to peer over the rim, watching as small explosions jet into the sky nearby.

6. Clamber Cascading Waterfalls
Cascading falls feed into gradually ascending aquamarine pools at the Mele Cascades 15 minutes from Port Vila. For an exceptional afternoon of relaxing, child-friendly clambering and simple treks, these waterfalls are the paradise you’ve been waiting for.

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