Rio Olympics Golden Ticket for Vanuatu Rower

15th June 2016

Blue Hole Malo

As athletes around the world strive for a precious place in their national Olympic team, one promising young ni-Vanuatu rower has already secured his place in Rio.
Getting his start in sport on a national soccer team for his age group in Vanuatu, Luigi Teilemb (tare-lemm) only took to the water a couple of years ago. However, it seems he is a natural, as his progress has been swift.

Although missing out on an Olympic place in April during the Asia-Oceania qualifying regatta, Luigi's efforts have been rewarded with an Olympic Athlete's Scholarship. Coach Matt Cameron couldn't be happier that his hard-working rower is now off to compete in Brazil.

With canoeing being a popular way to navigate the gorgeous waters of Vanuatu, it's no surprise that Teilemb uncovered a talent for paddling through the water. If you fancy trying your hand at rowing yourself, albeit at a much more leisurely pace, the Riri River Canoe expedition is a fantastic way to see some of the famous sights of Vanuatu from the water.

A half day tour, you'll paddle in a group down the Riri River in a local dugout canoe. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery as you discover marine life and an American-built WWII bridge enroute to one of the most spectacular Blue Holes on the island of Espiritu Santo.

As you make your way down the river, the water becomes noticeably bluer the closer you get to Matevulu Blue Hole. Enjoy a refreshing swim as well as plenty of photo opportunities in the pristine water that appears as if it is lit from below, such is the brilliance of the blue water. The tour concludes with another leisurely paddle back down the Riri River in the dugout canoe.

Blue Hole