Answer The Call Of Vanuatu

28th October 2019

VTO - Tanna - Blue Cave (Joel Johnsson)

The Vanuatu Tourism Office has unveiled its latest marketing campaign encouraging travellers to answer the call of Vanuatu.

Working with Engine Group, the campaign showcases the amazing cultural experiences and attractions of Vanuatu across its many islands.

Vanuatu is a special place, unlike anywhere else in the world where you can be immersed in the lush jungle one moment, then diving among shipwrecks the next. The destination is incredibly unique, and something that more travellers need to know about.

Focusing on the concept of ‘real, life-changing adventure’ the campaign highlights the emotional impact that Vanuatu has on travellers.

The ad came to life after 12 months of consultation between Engine Group, the Vanuatu Tourism Office and key stakeholders. It took 18 days to film and the entire crew travelled across the archipelago to capture the unique experiences on offer at each island.

Engine managing director, Tim Wegar was proud to showcase the beauty of Vanuatu.

“It’s a place where you can leave your comfort zone and still feel safe. This thinking helped us arrive at our core brand positioning of real, life-changing adventure.

“With tourism and tourism-related services sectors accounting for around 40% of GDP, we knew we had been entrusted with a hugely significant task. Every additional tourist we attract has a direct and positive impact on the people of Vanuatu. Creating positive change is why we do what we do and we’re confident this new positioning will pique the interest of those who have never had Vanuatu on their radar.”

A visit to Vanuatu holds the promise of incredible moments to be made, remembered and shared. It’s these moments that define our experiences and call us back for another stay.

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