5 'Must Try' Local Vanuatu Cuisines

17th October 2018

Food dinner

Known for its beautiful friendly locals, fresh produce and delicious cuisines, Vanuatu is a foodie paradise. Vanuatu food is all about using fresh local ingredients with traditional cooking methods to create delicious meals that bring people together. If you're looking to tempt your taste buds and try delicious foods that you won't find at home, Vanuatu is sure to impress. Here are 5 'must try' local Vanuatu cuisines.

A traditional and ceremonial drink known for its euphoric properties, Kava is a must try drink when in Vanuatu. The Kava crop is grown throughout Vanuatu and the South Pacific and locals have been drinking it for over 3,000 years. Originally consumed for medicinal and cultural purposes, Kava is popular with tourists looking to tap into the traditional Vanuatu way of life. Take part in a local ceremony or visit one of many kava bars throughout the island for an experience like no other.

Santo Beef
A delicious meal known for its tenderness and unique taste, Santo beef is an absolute must try when visiting Vanuatu. Santo Beef comes from local cattle on the northern isle of Santo who live amongst the coconut trees and feed off Vanuatu grass and coconut rind. Served with your choice of sides and sauces, this prime cut of beef is lean and full of flavour.

A unique and traditional Vanuatu meal that is made with love and patience, Tuluk is a foodie lovers dream. Tuluk is a minced meat dish that is wrapped in cassava and dough and cooked in an underground natural oven for up to six hours. You can find Tuluk at many of the local markets in Port Villa and best of all its super cheap and delicious!

Since you are surrounded by the beautiful dazzling waters of the South Pacific, it would be silly to not try some delicious freshly caught Vanuatu seafood. Local favourites include snapper (poulet), tuna and mahi mahi fish.

Lap Lap
Known as the national dish of Vanuatu, lap lap is a delicious meal prepared by grating bananas, breadfruit, taro or yam roots into a thick vegetable paste. The paste is wrapped in banana leaves with meat of your choice, then cooked in an underground natural oven and served with fresh coconut cream. Lap lap is usually prepared for special occasions throughout Vanuatu, so if you do get the opportunity to try lap lap, do not pass it up!