Vanuatu: The War Years

28th March 2014

World War II Wreck

If you're a fan of John Cleese then you wouldn't dare mention the war, however on a visit to Vanuatu you can step back in time with a fascinating historical tour that reveals the role Vanuatu played in World War II, as well as some of the secrets it still holds today. Unless you're a real history buff, many people wouldn't even realise that Vanuatu played any real part in World War II but it was in fact home to more than 100,000 military personnel throughout the war years.

This half day World War II History Tour takes you on a scenic journey through Santo, taking in the sites of Vanuatu's ex-military services. The region was actually home to a number of services including four hospitals and five airfields, some of the remnants of which still remain today. There are plenty of left over war wrecks both on land and underwater all over the island and this bus tour takes you on a half day trip, taking in the highlights.

The ideal way to soak up a bit of Vanuatu's rich and fascinating history, this tour also visits one of the most iconic historical sites in Vanuatu and perhaps one of the most famed landmarks to come out of the war years, Million Dollar Point. Named for the millions of dollars' worth of equipment that was dumped here by the American military, the point is now a popular snorkelling and diving spot. Having amassed tonnes of machinery, arms, ammunitions and equipment, the American military wanted to ensure it was all adequately disposed of at the end of the war to prevent other nations from taking it.

As unbelievable as it seems, this famous dumping ground remains from World War II and is now a popular attraction on any Vanuatu holiday, particularly those who want to explore it up close snorkelling or scuba diving. Join this half day tour and visit this amazing piece of history for yourself.