Vanuatu: A Short Flight From Australia, A World Away From Your Cares

22nd November 2017

Vanuatu Beach

Flights to Vanuatu take less time from Brisbane than flights to Hervey Bay or Coffs Harbour, however once you arrive in this tropical paradise, all concept of time just melts away – and it’s a welcome feeling in our busy lives. Luganville, on Vanuatu’s largest island of Espiritu Santo is barely two hours direct flight from Brisbane but it’s a world away from the cares and snares of your daily life.

A welcome departure from the stresses of the Western world, Vanuatu promises relaxation in an instant. Even with a small queue at customs, it’s still quicker to get to Vanuatu from Brisbane that it is to visit our neighbours in Coffs Harbour of Hervey Bay. In fact, it’s just enough time to watch a movie before touching down on roughly the same latitude as Cairns – but boy is it a parallel universe to Australia’s big city life.

The airport is one of four established by American forces during World War II however unlike many nearby island nations, Vanuatu escaped Japanese attack and was instead used as a rest and recreation base for American troops. They were definitely on to something. The Americans developed many of the buildings and roads in Vanuatu which was also used as the setting for the 1958 Academy Award-winning Rodgers and Hammerstein musical film South Pacific.

Spend some of the most relaxing days of your life in Vanuatu and let your time melt away to the gentle sounds of crystal clear waves lapping the pristine white shore. If that sounds a little too snooze-worthy for you, you can also make the most of your time with adventure-packed activities like hiking, bike riding, kayaking and scuba diving – in fact some of the world’s best dive sites can be found here including the famous luxury liner wreckage of the SS President Coolidge.