Vanuatu Gears Up For First Ever ‘Colour Fest’

16th August 2017

Colour Run

For the first time ever in Vanuatu, Colour Fest will take place to celebrate togetherness and the human spirit. Inspired by the Hindu celebration of Holi – the Festival of Colours, this new Vanuatu event will be hosted by Le Life Vanuatu Resort on 30 September 2017. Celebrated throughout India during spring, the Holi festival marks the victory of good over evil and now, Vanuatu will be able to celebrate in a similar, fun-loving fashion.

Vanuatu’s Colour Fest is essentially a music festival, but with a difference. The abundance of colour and vibrancy is designed to showcase the artists of Vanuatu and to bring people together to celebrate Vanuatu’s diversity, spirit and happiness. The dance music festival will feature local music makers and will bring all the colour of the Hindu festival to Le Life on the north east of Efate. Surrounded by rainforest and with the ocean at the front door, the festival will showcase a true kaleidoscope of Vanuatu colour and culture.

Festival goers are instructed to dress in white in order to make the most of the largest colour splash in the history of Vanuatu. Coming together to share dance, music, food, culture and friends, a uniformed colour splash will take place every hour and before long, the audience will be entirely coloured by rainbow powder, essentially eliminating race and colour and bringing them together as one.

The event boasts a beachfront stage, activities, competitions, prizes, a bonfire, special camping village, colour countdowns, movie compilations and giveaways, with more to be announced. The festival will kick off at midday and continue on until 6pm. Throughout the festival there will be fun activities and for those who really want to make the most of their colourful time, onsite camping facilities will be on offer. Festival goers can choose to bring their own tent or stay in one of the festivals ‘glamping’ tents for just 1000vt ($12) per person.