Champagne Beach Ranked Among World’s Best Beaches

13th December 2017

Champagne Beach

A recent list released by Canada’s largest online travel website has ranked Vanuatu’s Champagne Beach among the world’s best beaches. Out of a total of 1,800 beaches, Champagne Beach was in good company placing in the top 50. Judged by hundreds of leading professionals in the travel industry, Champagne Beach was honoured to be included in the list coming in at number 31.

Located on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu’s largest yet least populated island, Champagne Beach is a popular swimming spot so named for its effervescent waters and champagne flute-shaped shoreline. Without doubt on of the most beautiful beaches in Vanuatu, Champagne Beach boasts soft white powdery sand and crystal clear waters that fizz.

One of the best beaches in the entire South Pacific region, the Canadian website described the beach as “a lagoon filled with water that resembles champagne at low tide. The volcanic activity here has created a truly unique and distinguished coastal paradise. And that’s not all. This luxurious stretch of sand is framed by lush jungle, with only coconut plantations, grazing cows and a few friendly locals to keep you company, this might just be the island of your dreams.”

Indeed, this idyllic little beach is a must-see on any visit to Vanuatu. A truly unique experience, this special stretch of sand promises romantic island and mountain views along with some of the clearest turquoise water and plush, pristine sand you’ve ever seen. Blue Lagoon in Fiji came in just ahead of Champagne Beach, making the list at number 13. Taking out top honours was Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos which was honoured with the title of the best beach in the world.

Be sure to visit this award-winning slice of paradise on your next visit to Vanuatu and experience unique Champagne Beach for yourself.